the pressure releases

if i just let down my door

s o l i d ground
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Christine. 16. Overseas child. Tall. Athletic. Fangirl. Loves: Hilarie Burton. Evangeline Lilly. Sarah Wayne Callies. Joy Lenz. Ellen Pompeo. Katherine Kristen Bell. Rachel McAdams. (preferably nekid) Wentworth Miller. James Lafferty. Patrick Dempsey. Matthew Fox. Jason Dohring. Zac Efron. {BJL+HB. The JLs. Patrick+Ellen} Grey's Anatomy Meredith&Derek. Cristina&Burke. Meredith+Izzie. Izzie&Alex. Prison Break Michael and Sarah. Lincoln and Veronica. OneTreeHill. Nathan&Haley. Lucas&Peyton. Peyton+Haley. Lucas+Haley. Veronica Mars Logan&Veronica. Lost Jack&Kate. Charlie&Claire. Sawyer+Jack. Music {The Fray, Augustana, Bethany Joy Lenz, Tyler Hilton, Dashboard Confessional, Tegan and Sara, Michelle Featherstone, The Spill Canvas, Eric Clapton, Something Corporate, Death Cab for Cutie, AC/DC..the list goes on.}Sports: TRACK. Soccer. Basketball. Swimming. Baseball. ♥ Other Reading. Friends. Parties. Rain. Fresh air. Travelling. LJ. Beaches. Hiking.

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