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"That's right: Jack (Matthew Fox) and Kate (Evangeline Lilly) will liplock at some point in the first six." found HERE thanks to _milz_

If this is true, guhh. It will make up for the SK kiss...and it will make me feel better if Kate chooses Sawyer. *sigh*. I love Lost, I love the evil characters and I love the good ones. But I just love Jack&Kate, and SK will ruin the wonderfulness of Lost.


Just a few icons for now. I feel like I've lost my icon touch, they all are just bland to me. Anyways...
2 Zac and Vanessa
14 Lucas and Peyton (OTH)
3 Max and Liz (Roswell)
14 Roswell Cast (Shiri, Majandra, Brendan, Jason, Katie)

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